Friday, September 13, 2019

this is a sort of blog (with self-portraits)

 This is a sort of blog. I don't like to say much. I just like to share my paintings and drawings really.

self as minotaur (picasso inspired)

self portrait (picasso inspired)

self portrait (from sketchbook) 
I found a talk on youtube given by an American woman psychologist named Rebecca Valla.
I thought it was quite brilliant. On inner child work, And here is a snapshot of a quote she put up.... 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

a mish-mash of alexaefranka design and illustration

alexaefranka frog-girl !

mock up album cover; pen and ink

monkey; illustration for a book that never went ahead

the love-monsters; on ply board; i sold at markets for a time

bird-mother and bird-baby; photoshop illustration
a no-time clock; hand lettered on canvas and coated with resin
detail from a girl's dream; oil on canvas
carl jung quote; hand lettered